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Genre – Thriller
rating – 6 / 10 Stars
Rating – 3669 Vote
actors – Edgar Ramírez
Country – Belgium, France





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The movie is rather skewed towards making the Cuban spies look like the good guys, even if this message is not clearly articulated by anyone. How can you conclude otherwise when all the Cuban spies are portrayed like just the next door neighbor, doing what the regular next door neighbor would do, very nice people otherwise, going to church, with no express sentiments whatsoever for or against the US. Critically, there was absolutely no perspective in the movie from the US side. It’s like « we are here to spank a few bad boys from our neighborhood, no big deal. When in reality the anti-Castro revolutionaries were more that just tolerated in the US, so when these spies went against them you would expect that they implicitly went against some hidden US policy goals. None of this state against state struggle was apparent in the movie. in a very short segment the movie portrayed official relations more as cordial, even if distrustful. While the movie was not so bad, the skewness was too far off.

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Why do people dangle and get into a life of crime? Or at least let themselves be exploited for criminal activities? Mostly it is because they yearn for a better life. Now I’m not trying to excuse the behavior displayed here by those involved. I’m trying to explain certain things.
Of course the fact they are morally wrong, makes them tough to connect with. Then again you also see them as human beings, see the relationships they have, build and sometimes destroy. And all based on real life incidents and people. An interesting and intriguing story overall, that will speak to some more than to others. Not sure which side you’ll be on. Decent movie overall, if maybe a bit too long and messy at times.

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